In-room amenities & services


Wi-Fi is available free to all guests and is limited 1GB per 24 hours.

For 24 hour technical support contact 1800 235 176 or dial 3 from the phone in your room.

Placing calls

Local Calls
Dial 0 to gain access, then dial the required number.

Calls Within Australia
Outside Cairns Dial 0, wait for dial tone then dial the STD Code & the required number.
Example: to call Sydney 9238 0000 dial
Access 0
STD Sydney 02
Required Number 9238 0000

International Calls
Dial 0, wait for the tone, then dial the international access code, the country code, the area code, then the overseas telephone number.

Example: to call Los Angeles, USA 275 5200
Access 0
International Code 0011
Country Code 1
Area Code 213
Required Number 275 5200

For operator assisted calls or person to person calls, please contact the Hotel Operator on Extension 9.

AT&T Calls
All AT&T Calling Card calls attract a surcharge of a local call.
To access AT&T USA Direct & AT&T World Connect, obtain an outside line by dialing 0, then dial: 1800 881 011

Check country codes here

Coffee & Tea

The coffee and tea in your room is complimentary for your enjoyment.

A greater selection may be ordered through Room Service.


A fully stocked mini bar is provided for your convenience. During your stay with us it will be replenished every day and charged to your room account. On departure day, please enter your last day's consumption on the mini bar form and submit to the Front Desk Receptionist for settlement.

Your package may include certain mini bar items. Please refer to the information provided on check in.

Safe-deposit box

Safes are in your wardrobe for your personal use. 

Should you require additional secured space, safe deposit boxes are available at the Reception Desk. Please note that the Hotel cannot be responsible for any items of value that are not stored at our Reception Desk in a safe deposit box.

TV Channels

- 7
- 9
- 10
- Discovery
- Fox Sports
- Keno
- Asian Business News
- Sky News
- Nickelodeon
- Music Max
- TV5 Monde
- Bloomberg
- CCTV-Chinese
- NHK-Japanese

Video on Demand
In house movie on demand system has been installed for your convenience. All movies are at a fixed charge. Please refer to the instructions underneath the TV set in your armoire.

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In-room services

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